Only Work with Dream Clients

podcast Feb 23, 2021

Make sure that you set a priority in your business to only sign dream clients. One of the biggest mistakes that you can ever make in your business is to sign the wrong people for the wrong reasons… for the sake of $1. Because I get it. I've been there at that point where you just want the money. And if someone's offering it to you, why would you decline the money? Right? 


“When you say yes to something, you're saying no to something else.” 


When you say yes to the wrong person, you're saying no to the right person. I don't care what business you're in, or what industry you are in. We cannot help everyone. We are not for everyone. And that's awesome. Because we all get to coexist. And we all serve different people in different ways and give people things that they need. You have gifts that I could never touch on my best day. I do things that that you don't do. And that's part of what makes us wonderful, and so freaking cool. But what happens is when we sign people for the wrong reasons, we're doing them a disservice. And as a result, we're doing a disservice to ourselves and to our business.


I'm talking about when you make radical changes to your programs, or to your products or your services, where you're doing extra stuff on the side for free because you really just want to help, what ends up happening is you're doing a disservice to that individual, because we don't have proper boundaries, and we don't have our systems in place to help someone with certain needs.


When you say yes to something, you're saying no to something else. But guess what? The flip side is true too? When you say no to something, you're saying yes to something else. 


How to know if it’s not your dream client? 


If it's a weird vibe, if we're not jiving, if I wouldn't even go get a cup of coffee with you, based on our interactions, I'm not going to sign you. And I know maybe that makes me snotty. But here's the thing. If we're not jiving, I can't show up fully for you. And that's doing you a disservice. And if you're paying me, I don't want to do you a disservice. So that's huge. I only sign people who I'm obsessed with, and who I'd love to hang out with. And we can have different views on some things and interests. But we have to kind of vibe, that's a non-negotiable for me. 


The second thing is, I have to believe in my heart of hearts that with my systems and my methods, and what I do, I can solve your problem. If I don't believe that I can solve your problem and give you what you want. I'm not going to sign you.


Also, if I feel like you're not going to show up and do the work, I'm not going to sign you. Because I don't want your money for the sake of your money. I want you to show up and get the results because when you sign the wrong person for the wrong reasons, you might get some money, but if you're not right for them and your solutions are not right for them, they're not going to show up and they're not going to do the work which leads me to miss out on an opportunity for social proof.


What can you do so that you are setting yourself up with a business that you can confidently turn down the wrong people so that you're energetically available for the right people? 


  • Be crystal clear on your standards and expectations. Write them down, say them out loud, believe them. So that way when you come face to face with the wrong person, you can confidently say “Thanks, but no thanks”. 
  • Pay attention to who's showing up and who's getting results and look for people who are like those individuals. When working together with someone, you help them get the best results. Pay attention to who that person is and look for common denominators within your clients that you're obsessed with, that can help you with your marketing with how you're showing up on social media.
  •  Be crystal clear about who you do and who you don't work with when talking face to a camera on Instagram stories. I tell people and I circulate this post about once, once per quarter, I say I don't work with assholes. I don't work with people who complain about something, I give them something to fix it, and then they keep complaining. But they don't do anything to fix it. They want another strategy or another technique, but they haven't trusted the process with the first one I gave them. I can't work with those people. 


Having standards doesn't make you a brat. It makes you particular because that's how you're able to facilitate a transformation as powerful as the one that you do because you're choosy about who you work with. 


It makes it laser-focused and powerful. It's basically like fishing with a special bait that attracts the fish that you want immediately. It's not like using a small net in a big lake. When you are particular about who you want to work with, that tells people that you don't just work with anyone and that when you choose them to work with you that you're doing it because you believe that you can help them and that they're the right person for you. 


People want to be chosen, they don't just want to be “I'll take anyone and everyone”. That doesn't get your customer excited to work with you. Your customers are looking for a person that specializes in fixing their problems. They want to know that you specialize in solving their problem. 


Talk about the problem that you are specialized in solving. 

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