Why Your Network Marketing Team Isn't Growing

podcast Sep 14, 2021

We are talking about what a business builder is versus what a stagnant team member looks like. And what you can do if you are noticing that your team is full of stagnant team members. 


I'm sure you've recognized by now that if your goal is growing your team, then a lot of us in network marketing are experiencing right a major problem. You're recognizing that you have holes in your business that are keeping you from growing a team, you are drowning, we are drowning, our teams are drowning, and it's our fault. It's our fault as the leader because we haven't addressed these holes. But we keep saying we want growth, we want to grow our teams. But what is growth? What does growth look like? 


Defining Growth 


Oftentimes, in this space, maybe you do it a little bit differently. But a lot of us measure growth by consistent income signing team members and momentum as we move forward, meaning doing both of those things consistently and at a more frequent rate over time. And that's how we define growth. But I believe that growth also needs to be something a little bit deeper. Growth needs to be the ability to recognize a stagnant team member from a business builder team member because having both is completely normal and completely expected. However, a lot of us have a team of stagnant team members. And we're wondering why we're not moving ahead. 


Stagnant Team Member vs. Business Builder Team Member 


A stagnant team member is someone who was signed just for the sake of making you happy. Let's say this was a family member, your mom, your best friend. A stagnant team member could be someone who joined just for the discount. And they were told, “Oh, you don't have to build a business, but just sign up as the business builder.” They are someone who was signed up for the discount, or they were even coerced into it or convinced. They said they just wanted to do a challenge group but you convince them that signing up to be a coach as an example in Beachbody was the better deal. Stagnant team members are also recognized because they usually cancel within the first six months, but almost most definitely by the end of their first year.


On the flip side, a business-building team member is someone who was brought in because the business opportunity could benefit them and could help them create a certain outcome that they are looking for. A business building team member is someone that's entrepreneurial-minded, and they see the vision of what the business can bring to their life beyond that first year. But most importantly, they are ready to do the hard work that it takes to reap the benefits of the business opportunity. 


I know you're looking at your team and you're like crap. We are full of stagnant team members. And that's exactly why we aren't growing. And why do I keep attracting and why do I keep signing stagnant team members? Well, I'll tell you exactly why that keeps happening. 

  • It's the lack of a proper onboarding process. 
  • Lack of KPIs which are key progress indicators so that people can monitor their process during onboarding and also within their business. 
  • Lack of clarity on who you actually want to mentor. 


The Impact of Stagnant Team Members and How Can We Control It


How is this negatively impacting your organization? You're bringing in people who don't do the work, you end up dragging people that aren't right for this business because you see so much opportunity for them, even if they don't see it within themselves. And then what else ends up happening, the right people leave before they even had a chance to be successful. 


Some people don't always start out as stagnant team members when you bring them on, but what happens is because of the holes in your business, and because they lack of systems, a business building team member can become a stagnant team member because of those things missing. So how can we identify who the right person is? How can we identify who was the right person to join your team? Well, the biggest thing that you want to think about is Who do you enjoy mentoring? And what outcomes do you feel most equipped to help someone achieve with your experience, your knowledge, your education, your skills? Because when you can answer both of those questions confidently, then you have clarity on who the best person is that you can mentor and that is the right person who can see the most benefit for themselves once they join your team under your leadership. 


The right person can very well become the wrong person without the right systems, without the winning system. The winning system is what keeps a business builder from becoming a stagnant team member. Without structure, without expectations, and without milestones for your new team member in the business, holes are created in your business. And when there are holes, there are no milestones to hit no KPIs. Nobody knows what they're doing. They're like, “What do I do? I don't know what to do. So I'm going to sit in analysis, paralysis, and do nothing.”


Addressing the Holes 


But these holes are bleeding us dry because we're setting our leaders up for failure. And we're setting them up to let us down. Because we're not leading them properly to get to what they want. And as a result, we know we're not equipped to bring on any more team members, because we recognize right. No matter how long you've been in this business, you can easily recognize if you can't properly mentor the Business Builders that you already have, or the team members, rather, that might be stagnant team members. So how can you possibly bring on more as a result of this, we're constantly taking one step forward, and two steps back. 


What happens if you don't fill the holes and address them? Without addressing the holes, the only way you're going to move your business forward is to compromise your morals and do the sketchy things other Network Marketing Leaders are doing and teaching, like signing anyone with a pulse and cold messaging 100 people a day. And what this ends up doing is it builds a team that looks so good from the outside, but on the inside, it doesn't have a leg to stand on. 


How do you discover these holes in your business? 


Where is the commonplace that people fall off or end up quitting the business?


At what point in your onboarding process? If you have one, are they quitting? 


Or At what point in the process of getting them started? 


Do they go from gung ho to taking no action? 


Where do you feel the breakdown occurring within your organization so that you can create a system to address that moment before it comes up? 


The Winning System 


Now, you heard me mentioned the winning system. The winning system is what I created when I recognized that the gurus are teaching network marketers on Instagram tips and tactics that fuel their ego, but they don't build their businesses. And that's when I knew that I needed to do something different. I worked with an education specialist to create Surefire CEO, which is a 90-day mini mine educational collaborative hybrid. What I mean by that is not only are you getting 90 days of hands-on coaching with me to develop your business building systems so that you can go from hobbyist to CEO, but you also get something very special. My company graphic designer Sam Mason is doing everybody's Instagram branding. So you will have a custom Instagram feed ready to go when you step out as a CEO, once you finish Surefire CEO.

This 90-day mini mine is the only way for the rest of 2021 to work hands-on with me. It's the most hands-on program that I've ever developed. And every single round has sold out. So this is your opportunity to go to the link and submit your application now because yes, we're very choosy about who comes into this program because if you're not ready to go from hobbyist to CEO I will not accept you into this program. If I can't feel from your application that you're committed to treating your business like a business I won't accept you into this program. 


Apply for SureFire CEO and even if you aren't accepted, we will respond to you and send you an email to let you know and also share some ideas of what you can work on so that may be in the next round that happens at some point in 2022. We can get you set up for that.