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Why They Aren't Buying

podcast Nov 03, 2021

How you can differentiate between the wrong and the right customer. 


What are some steps that you can take in your business to really guide yourself towards getting in front of more of the right customers versus more of the wrong customers. 


You actually have a lot more control over this than you think. So the best way that you can tell that you're getting in front of and talking to and trying to sell the wrong customer is the wrong customer for you. I don't mean it's the wrong customer forever. I mean, it's the wrong customer for you right now, or for this specific offer. 


Now, the wrong customer is the person who is wondering:


When is the next flash sale? 


What do I get for free? 


When can I return this? Will you return this for me? 


How often do you call me? 


How many calls do I get with you? Is there a free month? 


Oh, I thought that this was free? Since I bought something from you three years ago? 


What's the refund policy? 


Are you guaranteeing results? 


Can I cancel right away? 


Is there a rebate, right? 


They're always looking for how they can try to get something else out of you, or how they can get something for free. Or maybe they're already asking about refunds before they even purchased or tried your product. This is a sign of someone who's not ready for you. 


The right customers are buying from you because they're making an empowered decision. And they're not worried about that stuff. So the right customer who's right and ready for you right now, or this is the right offer and the right timing for them. They say “awesome, I just paid the invoice and can't wait to get started.” They already know, and how great it would be for you right in your business, if you could get in front of more of these kinds of people.  


Here are some specific steps that you can take right now in your business every single day to get you in front of more of those right people. 

Deliver some of the best content for free. 


You've heard me say this before if you've been in the Stop the Hey Girl Community for any length of time: deliver some of your best value content for free. The people buying from you and signing up for you are not just signing up to join you for more information. They want to be around you, they want to be around your energy, they want to learn from how you lead, they want to be inside of the container that you've created. These individuals are not just looking to get straight information. And so this is why I am the person, you'll always see me doing this. I give out actionable information for free on a regular basis.


I do it on this podcast. I do it on my social media. I do it inside of my free Facebook community. I will do it if you're on my email list. I over-deliver in so many different areas because I know that the right person is here and they're excited to work with me, and they're excited to be inside of the container that I create. That's calling in that right person. 


I give out my best information in my style. 


Why give it away for free? 


Because one of three things happens when I do that: 

  • Someone hates it. It doesn't resonate with them, they're not my person, they move on, awesome, I'm not gonna waste my time ever trying to sell to you. 
  • Someone comes, they get what they need to take the next step, and they move on from me. Awesome. You know, I'm a giving person, if I've had any type of impact in your life at any step of your business, I'm grateful for that. And if you move on, awesome!
  • They love the information, they have a win with it, and they cannot wait to connect and learn more from you. And so when one of those three things happens, based on how you show up, that's how you know you're on the right track right at one of those three things. 


Tell them the exact next steps they need to take 


So the second piece ties back to the invitation when you share on social media, the various ways that people can work with you. Now, here's the thing that you have to do, you actually need to make sure that you're telling them the next steps that need to happen. And so one of the biggest things you want to make sure that you're not doing is confusing the bejesus out of your people, by selling your products publicly, through the same channel at the exact same time that you're selling the business opportunity. Because when you overwhelm your audience with too many things going on at the exact same time all the time, you're going to confuse them to the point where they don't know which way to go. 

There are exceptions to this. And also at different skill levels, you can absolutely sell different things at the same time. But it depends on your skills as a marketer, and how prepared your audiences are to differentiate between multiple things. And for most in network marketing, their audience isn't versed in the business or versed in the marketing enough to be able to do that. And that's normal. And it's not something that you should be expected to do because your audience doesn't need to be educated completely to your level in order to become a customer or join your business. 


Now, another exception to this will be Black Friday. And if you are newer to my community, you might not know this. But I do Black Friday, like old school when there are actual discounts and things that you will never see any other time of the year. So yes, this is a sneaky peaky. Yes, this is a breadcrumb stay soon. Because when I say I do old school, I mean, I do doorbusters. And I do products and discounts that you will never ever, ever, ever see again. So stay tuned for that. And I do multiple things. And you'll have to see. And probably I'll break it down for you in a later episode about why I do that. 


When you're intentional about putting the invitation out there, and you're actually doing it in a way that calls in the right person, right? They're going to reach out, they're going to ask for more information. And why did they do this, because you've already given out step one, right? So much information for free, right? Because it's not just about information. For the reason that they buy, we give out the information for free, because if it resonates with them, it helps them and they stick around wanting more. When you put the offer out there, they already know that you're for them, so they're comfortable with you, they know you, they like you, they trust you, they're going to reach out, right? And because you're communicating with them what to expect. 


Qualify your People 


So when we qualify them, we make sure to say “hey, have you consumed any of my free content?” For example, when I do an application, you will likely see a question along the lines of what have you consumed of my content before have you listened to the podcast? Are you on my email list? Because one of the ways that I qualify someone at various levels is I want to make sure that they have consumed my content and that my content resonates with them. Because anytime and it hasn't happened often, but anytime that I have had an issue with someone who maybe joins a pro grammar buy something. And they have any sort of buyer's remorse, right or disappointment, it's because I did not properly qualify them. So depending on the level that they're working with me, they will need with very few exceptions to have gone through at least listening to some of the podcasts going through my content, or even some of my free challenges before I will take them into a coaching program. 


So qualifying someone before they jump in is a great way to make sure that someone is the right buyer versus someone that's a wrong buyer. And I will be honest with you, I have learned the hard way from this, I have made mistakes. And every time that I go back and see what could have happened. I sidestepped my own qualification process. So I'm not sitting here saying that I do it right all the time, because I don't, I made plenty of mistakes. But because I learned lessons the hard way, it allows me to be able to speak to you right about what we can do going forward in the future, to make sure that we're getting the right buyers in so that there's a lot more transformation happening, right and a lot less heartache. 


Detach from the Outcome 


The final step in this whole thing is detaching from the outcome. I tell this to people all the time, I am going to get just as good of sleep tonight, if you buy versus if you don't buy, your purchasing decision doesn't impact my life in any way. That's powerful on both sides of the spectrum because them making the decision to change their lives and join your team or buy your products or work with you in any way, that's more of a benefit for them than it is for you.


I strongly believe that you need to embody that in your business to be able to step into the level of a business owner where you can detach from that outcome. Because if you look at your customers as the means of paying your bills, that's the only way that you'll see them. And that's not the truth. You know your customers don't pay your bills. You pay your bills. And so when you detach from the outcome, it allows you to step into the headspace where you can follow up and follow through in the sales process with confidence versus desperation. And when you show up that way, with the intention to serve, and you actually just leave the ball in their court that allows them to make the best decision for them. And when someone enters your business or enters your program with that, heck yes. 


The minute they make that investment, their lives change when it's their decision, they're empowered, and not you strong-arming them, convincing them or trying to sweeten the deal, right with flash sales constantly to get people to join. 


Now, what is the biggest shift that you're going to notice here, what you're going to notice is that when you follow this, these steps that I laid out for you in this episode, you're going to notice that you can weed out the wrong buyers a lot quicker and that you're getting in front of enclosing the right buyers. And when I say that, I mean customers and I also mean business builders for your business opportunity. And when you follow this process and you bring in the right people, not only are you making your life easier as a business owner and you're taking care of yourself as a leader, but you're also making sure that you're only selling to the people who can get the most out of your products and services. 

Kayla Ybanez is a top industry business coach, international public speaker, and founder of The Modes Project and Ybanez Media. Kayla says goodbye to outdated strategies like icky “hey girl” cold messages and HELLO to changing societal norms about the Network Marketing industry.


Kayla Ybanez is a top industry business coach, international public speaker, and founder of The Modes Project and Ybanez Media. Kayla says goodbye to outdated strategies like icky “hey girl” cold messages and HELLO to changing societal norms about the Network Marketing industry.