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The Evergreen Business Model with Lattice Hudson 

Apr 08, 2020

What is an evergreen business model? 

Evergreen means always open and always running and you’re always able to accept new clients. 

Traditional launch models have a start and end time to onboard new people, whereas an evergreen course is always accepting new clients.  


How did you get into the evergreen business model? 

While there's a great time and a place for the traditional launch model, I noticed the gap in the market. Industries and specific people who didn’t necessarily have a larger engaged audience were struggling with their lead attraction and struggling to really grow their income, so from there, I dived into the evergreen model.

This model has changed my life. I’m able to impact people every single day without putting a restriction on when they can join one of my programs. 


Is there a time when you should jump into the evergreen model? 

The first step is to launch your business. By doing this, you understand your place in the market, who you can actually market to and learn what your clients need and what they don’t need. It’s really important to get your feet wet and understand the marketplace first.

After you’ve launched your business, built your initial offer and worked diligently to land your first three to five 1:1 clients, and you begin to make an impact at a really high level, that’s when you use your 1:1 clients to help you build out your core framework and core offer based around self-study.

By starting with 1:1 clients, we’re also providing our business with a good cash injection to keep building on. 

From there, we can funnel them into your group programs as the foundational members. After three to four months you can start advertising your flagship offer that is built on systems, automation and proprietary framework.

Because the self-study portion of the program is really the foundation of this framework, you can begin to build even more into this hybrid evergreen offer that has a component of self-study, 1:1 coaching and group coaching. 

This really enables you to reach the highest level of impact, build a community while still reaching your own income goals because you’re always running and open for business. 

I definitely recommend having at least three 1:1 clients before you go evergreen. But from there the road is wide open and it’s a really smooth transition into an evergreen offer. 


How do you incentivize people to jump into your program NOW rather than in 1 month/3 months/6 months? 

It comes down to sales conversations. Just like traditional 1:1 sales call, its about serving my clients their truth. 

There are multiple different things we put in place to pre-qualify and ensure that they’re a good fit and they're actually ready for this offer. 

Our sales mechanism uses an automated mini-webinar that runs for 15 - 20 minutes (because peoples attention spans are pretty short these days) which helps them shift beliefs, helps them to understand the gaps in their own business, life, health, or whichever niche you’re in, and then gets them on the phone to close. 

It’s really about understanding the psychology behind what gets people to buy. It’s not about “convincing” them to work with you, but serving them their truth and if their truth is to work with you, then they will make the jump. 

We also offer fast action bonuses on the call to get people to take action right now, but it’s never about faux scarcity. It’s about leaning them back into their truth and getting them to know that this offer is going to solve their problem, so let’s make a decision to start solving that problem today. 

The positive of having it an evergreen offer that is always open is that people can jump in when they’re ready. They’re not scared into doing something they’re not ready to do. 


How do you attract the people that you really want to work with to your offers? 

It’s all about leaning into your organic strategy (as opposed to a paid strategy). 

Organic strategy involves going to the places where your clients are. 

Eg. certain Facebook groups, leveraging other people’s audiences, using hashtags, tracking your leads on Instagram and really getting granular and choosing one core platform to start. 

Often we get shiny object syndrome and we want to be everywhere when the reality is that our attention is split.

Especially in the beginning, you want to master one platform with content marketing, different visibility strategies and leveraging powerful conversations in the DMs that get people on a sales call so you can close them into your program. 


What are your feelings about paid leads, paid growth and paid traffic? 

In the beginning when you’re growing your 1:1 clients, if you’re not at consistent 7k - 10k months then you don’t need paid traffic. You can leverage the connection, the visibility and the conversations you’re having to scale your business because you have a such a high ticket offer. 

You need to have an offer (which is your high ticket 1:1 coaching) that provides a proof of concept because if you don’t have that proof, then using paid traffic is going to do you a disservice. You’re just going to be wasting money. 

When you are ready to scale past 8k - 10k months, paid traffic is great, but you don’t really need it up until there.

When you do start using paid traffic, you need to ensure that you do have a sales mechanism in place, such is our mini-webinar with a really strong call to action, to make sure you’re getting them on the phone and closing the sale. 


What do you think about people who are buying comments, likes, followers on Instagram - is a good move? 

It’s a terrible move! Based on integrity reasons, I  personally wouldn’t want to work with anybody who does that. 

When you do start getting into paid traffic, you can use tools like Facebook’s “lookalike” audience, where Facebook will find people who look similar to your audience. Therefore, if you’re buying a bunch of followers, likes and comments from people who are different age ranges, from different countries and don’t actually have similar interests to your target audience, the data is going to be so skewed that it will hurt you more than it will help you.  

You say it a lot, but vanity metrics don’t matter. What matters is the pure, engaged and authentic audience and building it from the ground up. 

Then, when you do begin to use things like Facebook and Instagram ads, your foundation is set really well and you’re going to propel so much faster than your counterparts who are using the fake likes and automated bots. 

What have you noticed are the biggest changes and differences for you as a business owner and CEO when you moved from 1:1 coaching to evergreen programs? 

Inwardly, I lessened my burn out.  I got into entrepreneurship for freedom, not to be chained to a computer every single day, wondering where my next client was, or when I would make my next sale, so I really started creating the freedom in my business that I wanted. 

From a client perspective, I have seen drastic and increased results in my own clients that are in this evergreen offer because that community effect is something fierce! 

We meet twice a week and they’re able to mastermind together, which provides them with a perspective outside of me being their only coach. They essentially work together and coach each other, because when one client wins they all win! This makes them so excited to show up every day and has made me a better coach as well. 

Client results are a priority to me, so knowing that they’re getting even better results lights me up every single day. 

From a revenue point of view, when I was on a launch model, my income was a little unpredictable, now I’ve started enjoying a more predictable income. Especially when you start scaling with Facebook ads - you put a dollar in, and you get eight to ten dollars out. It’s a numbers game and once you get it mastered, you can scale. 

Kayla Ybanez is a top industry business coach, international public speaker, and founder of The Modes Project and Ybanez Media. Kayla says goodbye to outdated strategies like icky “hey girl” cold messages and HELLO to changing societal norms about the Network Marketing industry.


Kayla Ybanez is a top industry business coach, international public speaker, and founder of The Modes Project and Ybanez Media. Kayla says goodbye to outdated strategies like icky “hey girl” cold messages and HELLO to changing societal norms about the Network Marketing industry.