Network Marketer Onboarding System

podcast Sep 21, 2021

Network Marketer Onboarding System


How having a winning system and onboarding system can help you sign more Business Builders to your team and help you make more money in your network marketing business. 


Powerful Onboarding System. 


A powerful onboarding system sets expectations about what someone can expect from you as well as sets their own expectations of you and of themselves so that everyone can be on the same page. This system communicates how they want to receive feedback, support, and criticism from you. It sets KPIs which are key progress indicators, and dates on which they will be met so that everyone, including your new team member, can track their progress in real-time.


When you're like, “I don't want to use an onboarding system. My business is fine. I don't have time for that. I'll do that another time.”, here's what happens. The opportunity for belief in the business long term is diminished significantly. Your Business Builders do not start at a momentum advantage. Your team members upper limit themselves and their business about what's possible for them. And therefore, their work effort matches that number for over 30% leave before the six-month mark because of that lack of onboarding system. 


So what is the winning system? Going back to:


Number #1 


Setting realistic expectation timelines with dates of what, and when they can expect certain outcomes? And what skills and knowledge do they need for each of those to be possible? Now what I mean by this is being realistic when someone comes into the business, when can they expect to make their first $100? when can they expect to make their first $1,000? Under your mentorship, it's important to be realistic. I recommend being a little bit more on the conservative side. So that way, when your business builder exceeds that expectation, they feel really freaking good about themselves. 


Here's an example of how to set those expectations with a timeline. But remember, this is just an example. So let's say they can expect to close their first sale in week one. Let's say they can expect to sign their first team member in the first two months. Maybe they should expect to have full familiarity with the entire product line of the network marketing company by month three. Maybe they can expect Beachbody to sell their first challenge pack by month two because as you know, I recommend starting with singular products before moving on to packs to increase confidence with sales. And then maybe in the first two months, they can expect to make their first three-figure commission. 


Number #2 


Help them create consistent business scheduling with business hours that fit their lifestyle schedule out their entire quarter together. Most people when I asked them, in-network marketers, about their business hours, can’t tell me. 


If you don't know your business hours, that's a problem. That means you're a hobbyist, you need to be clear about what those business hours are and schedule them just like you would schedule any other important appointment. Because what happens if you don't have a business schedule and if you don't have your leaders who are coming into this business brand new, if you don't help them create their own schedule, they treat it like a hobby. And what happens when you treat your business like a hobby, right? It pays you like a hobby. 


Number #3 


I believe it's very important to help them make a sale and within the first two weeks, because the quicker you can get money into their pocket when that direct deposit hits, they have instant rapport and instant belief in this business in this industry, and the confidence that comes from having belief in the company, and then the processes that you're taking them through.


That helps them get the confidence to show up, push harder and do the work. Even when entrepreneurship gets tough. Don't go for the start, don't go for the pack, or certain products just for the sake of points and bonuses. Go for the product that's going to be the most seamless to sell for your brand new team member. 


What happens if you don't do this? You crush their ego before they ever had a chance to succeed. And when someone is new, they're not going to fully understand the ins and outs or the value of the big pack. Let them start with a product that they're already familiar with and love. Because the sooner they close their first sale, the longer and stronger their belief will be period. 


Number #4


You need to make sure that you're setting specific benchmarks that are again, written and verbally communicated. A perfect example of doing this is creating an onboarding packet, which you can do in Canva. Just because you understand the workings and the ins and outs of the business doesn’t mean that your new business builder does. So when you make an onboarding packet that is simple, clear information is repeated often as necessary, they're going to be much more likely to take in the information and follow through.


As the CEO, it's not about someone else's system. It's about making sure that the system you create supports the leaders that you're bringing in, and also fits your expertise. Onboarding is necessary. Because most individuals in life are accustomed to deadlines to be met and expectations from schooling, jobs, careers, trades, use that experience to create the structure that they need to take action to see the results that they're looking for. And make sure that you over-communicate that because if you don't do this, and people don't have expectations and know what's supposed to be happening. They will either get overwhelmed and analyze paralysis or they will get distracted. And then days and weeks will go by with no action. And then they're going to come to you and say, “Kayla, why isn't this business working?” 


Not using the winning system leads to overwhelm, and overwhelm leads to no action being taken, which leads to people running around in circles, getting nothing done with no results. How can we empower our people to act for themselves in ways that make them more successful in which in turn is a byproduct that makes us more successful? We focus on creating an onboarding system that's going to get your Business Builders started. Know what to understand from you and show up and get the results that they need. 


Now, I know you're thinking “I don't I do not know how to do this, Kayla. I have no idea where to start.” Maybe you'll re-listen to this podcast episode again. But after you do that, and after you take some notes, if you need this but need support to do it, then now is the time to make sure that you get your application in for Surefire CEO if we are not already sold out. 


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We're going to build that together. And I know it feels overwhelming, but I've got your back every step of the way. Apply for Surefire CEO now, and even if you are not a good fit, we will reply to your application and let you know. I cannot wait to see what you submit in your application.