Hobbyist to CEO

podcast Aug 31, 2021

A lot of network marketers have told me that building their team is their goal. However, they're running into a lot of resistance when it comes to talking about the business, meaning they're nervous to talk about the business, they're afraid to bring it up, or they don't know how to bring it up. So let's talk about where that ultimately comes from. 


When you are talking about the business it can feel really overwhelming to explain the network marketing business model and the opportunity to someone who's never been in it. Because whether you've been in this business for a few months, or a few years, you are essentially in it on a day-to-day basis. Through experience, knowledge, and learning, you understand how it works. And I agree, it can be very difficult to explain this business to someone who isn't in it. It is different from a nine to five job structure. It is in many ways different than an affiliate marketing structure. It is different than door to door sales structure. But there are elements from all of those that come into play in some capacity in network marketing. 


Now, when you were talking about the business, it is really easy to do one of two things. The first one is word vomit literally everything that you know about the business model out to them. And or number two, which personally I was the one that I ended up doing way too often talking about the people at the top and how much money you can make and how fabulous everything is and the trips and the money and the recognition. Usually, when you use either one of those two or both, it falls on deaf ears. Why is that? Because it is very overwhelming to someone who's not in the business. And oftentimes, we are speaking in lingo that someone outside of this business doesn't understand. And what happens when someone doesn't understand something. Not only do they not buy, but they also don't sign up because they're confused. A confused customer never buys. 


And something else that I know you're running into. And the reason why you don't talk about the business and you hold off from bringing it up is because you know in your heart of hearts, that once you sign somebody up, you don't feel confident in your ability to lead them. That's not your fault. Because unfortunately, a lot of what is stressed in this industry from a lot of different angles it's not a blame game. But a lot of what is stressed in any type of inviting or selling in the online business space, and even outside of the online business space just in this industry is so much stress is placed on bringing people into this business. But not much as talked about once they've paid once they've signed up once they're in, and that's exactly why you panic. You panic because you bring someone in and they're excited. And now you're sitting here like, Oh crap, what do I do now? And here's the thing again, that is totally normal. I still get those feelings when I sell a new program. Or even when I do a new round of a program that I've done before I get the sense of what if I don't know how to get people started? What if I don't know how to teach them? What if I disappoint them? And before you know it, you've signed yourself up. And as a result of that, you don't get your new leader started, right. And what happens when you don't get your new leader started, right? They don't have the support and tools that they need to succeed. 


I know, most companies have back offices and resources and training that you can plug your new signups into, to help them. But here is the thing as well. It's not so much about the access to the training, as it is when you are the personally sponsoring mentor and your ability to lead them. Being a leader, even with all of the tools and knowledge available, boils down to things that many aren't willing to talk about. Because I'm sure as you've realized, being a leader is exceptionally difficult. And why is being a leader exceptionally difficult? 


Being the leader involves being vulnerable. 


Being a true leader involves being honest when you don't know something. 


Being a true leader means being willing to make mistakes, look stupid, and move on from them.


And that scares a lot of us. 


Being a leader of a team means putting yourself on the line for other people, especially in an industry, where a lot of your success in business is based on the action of others. And of course, we could talk about this all day, there are good and there are bad things about it. However, what is so powerful about the growth of your business being linked to helping other people succeed is so powerful. And why is that? When you help your team succeed, you succeed. But right now that's causing you a lot more stress than it should be. Because you think that you aren't equipped to actually lead them. But the truth is that you are, it's about going about it the right way. And I want to help you get started with that today.


The most important thing that you can do when you sign a new leader to your team, whether they are committed to going all-in from day one, or they are a little bit more reserved, and stepping into it at their own pace, the most important thing that you can do is lead with what they want and their goals. Don't get them started based on your measure of success. Get started based on what their level of success looks like. For example:


If someone is coming into the business, and they want to make some extra money for Christmas, let's say, in most network marketing companies, it does not make sense for someone. Because it's September, it's essentially September when this episode comes out, it's August 31. But that's neither here nor there, we're getting close to the holiday season, whether we're ready for it or not. So if you signed someone in the month of September, and their big goal is they want to be able to make money for Christmas, the biggest mistake that you can make as a leader is pushing rank. Why is that focusing on rank in quarter four is not necessarily going to get them the money that they want right now to buy gifts for the holidays. 


So that is the perfect example of being a leader. 


Being a leader in network marketing means sacrificing your own focus on your own goals in order to help somebody else. When they succeed, and they hit the markers that they want, you also succeed. But you have to trust in that process. Because what most leaders in network marketing do and why a lot of them burn so bright and then burn out and you never hear from them again, is because they're leading with their own goals. And that is not how to be a successful leader in the network marketing space in 2021-2022. 


So when you show up, and you're leading and helping them based on their goals, you sign someone who wants to make money for Christmas instead of focusing on rank, help them become stronger at retail sales, so that they can earn the commission and continue to put those weekly direct deposits aside to buy the gifts that they want for their kids for the holidays. And what's so powerful is if someone has a monetary goal, and you help them make money early in this business, they have an affinity, they have belief. And this is one of the biggest ways that you can help avoid a churn problem in your network marketing business, which is so powerful. 


There's so much more to being a leader in network marketing in 2021 and 2022. There's a lot that I'm so excited to teach you because, without these leadership skills, you're treating your business like a hobby. And when you treat your business like a hobby, it will continue to pay you like a hobby. But if you have a vision for something bigger, you have a vision for bigger income, bigger legacy, bigger impact, you need to treat your business like a CEO. 


And that's exactly why on August 31, the day that this episode comes out, I am hosting at 6 pm CT my free Hobbyist to CEO masterclass. And when you come to this masterclass, we are going to work through developing the tools that are going to make you the leader that your team deserves that your sponsor leaders deserve. 


You deserve this because you are worthy of having the business of your dreams. But you've got to step into the CEO and you have to leave the hobbyist mentality behind. We are going to end the year on a strong note together. You and me hand in hand. I've got your back. 


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