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Finding Your People on Social Media

Aug 26, 2020

Today we are going to be talking about a question that I get all the time. When it comes to network marketing or any online business, it seems like one of the biggest obstacles that people need to overcome. 

Once they define who their ideal client is, who their niche audience is, and who they want to speak to, the biggest thing that's popping up for people is how do I find my ideal client and how do they find me? 

Start by creating your Ideal Client Avatar

When it comes to defining the individual you're speaking to, we always have to start with our ideal client avatar and getting super nitty gritty on a few very important things that not a lot of people talk about. 

When it comes to your ideal client avatar we usually define that person by their name, their age, their demographics and their lifestyle, but it's really important to also think about where that person is in their life because this can dictate their habits, their lifestyle, where they spend time on social media. 

Dig even deeper on the Ideal Client Avatar

Dig deeper by considering how they're spending their days. For example a 25 years old living in New York City could potentially be living a very different lifestyle than a 25 year old living in small town America. 

The 25 year old from small town America may have gotten married right after college, has a husband or wife, a couple of kids and runs the family store. They might spend their weekends at the community pool or going for a hike with their kids to get them out in nature.

The 25 year old from New York might have four roommates and lives in an apartment on the Upper West Side. They might work at a high pressure job during the week and then spends their weekends out of the bar and sleeping until noon.

There's a lot of things that kind of go into thinking about someone's environment where they are in their life and what their lifestyle could be. Both women in the example are the same age but they live two very different lifestyles and therefore their social media activities could be very different. 

The 25 year old New Yorker, might be posting all the great clubs, bars and restaurants they're going into on social media. However the small town family might be posting pictures of their family, talking about the swing set that they're going to build, or planning their next family road trip. Notice how the lifestyles of both women are so vastly different. 

Imagine your ideal client’s average day

What does a typical day in the life look like from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep? Think about how they are using social media. Are they spending time on Facebook or Instagram or are they completely turned off by drama? Do they enjoy looking at TikTok because they love the distraction, the dances, and the fun mom trend?

After you know who they are, what their lifestyle is and how they like to use social media, the only question left is, how can you put yourself in front of them? How can you be on the front lines with them? 

When people are posting outside of the business space, they’re likely using hashtags that have to do with things they want other people to know about them.

They want to let people know they just got an order from Sephora or they're going on a 5K run and they just registered. Keep in mind what hashtags they using when they talk about these things. 

One of the biggest things to keep in mind, especially my friends that are in the health and wellness space, they’re likely not using hashtags related to this, for example, #beachbody 

When you dig into those sorts of hashtags, you are mostly going to find people in your industry and not the people that you want to talk to. 

Start by doing hashtag research 

I recommend doing this on desktop Instagram because it's a lot easier to navigate. Search a specific keyword hashtag, and keep clicking through until you no longer see people in the industry doing what you are doing. You will start to get down to smaller hashtags and chances are they're not being strategic with their hashtags like you are. 

Remember, you’re not inviting those people, you’re networking and getting to know them, which is something that throws off business owners everywhere. 

Here's the thing, you've been alive for, 25 to 55 years, you've made friends and you've developed relationships with other human beings at some point in your life.

You think it has to be different, harder and more complicated because you're on social media and you're not face to face with them but that's not true — the same social experiences exist. 

Build relationships and trust

When you're building a relationship and getting to know someone you ask questions about them and then if you have something that can help them, you give it to them without expectations. Develop a relationship by showing them who you are as a human being, not just who you are as a business owner. 

If you want to have consistent business growth with consistent revenue by using organic social media reach and referrals, relationships do have to be at the front line because people will talk to you if they feel like you see them. 

Help people find you with SEO on social media 

Another way you can find your people is your own free Facebook community. Make sure that the keywords in your Facebook group title are words that are searchable and that your ideal client looks up. It doesn't have to be super clever or super sexy but something that people actually search for 

Something else that can bring people to you is SEO within Instagram. In the bolded part of your name in your bio, put your first name and then a description or a title of what you do. For example, mine says Kayla, Launching Expert. This is really powerful because when people search “launching” in the search bar on Instagram, they find me. 

Having your title as part of your name is also really useful when you respond to someone's stories. When you compliment them or ask them a question and get to know them, they see that title alongside your name and you’ll be at the forefront of their mind when they’re looking for a weight loss coach or whatever your tittle is. 

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Kayla Ybanez is a top industry business coach, international public speaker, and founder of The Modes Project and Ybanez Media. Kayla says goodbye to outdated strategies like icky “hey girl” cold messages and HELLO to changing societal norms about the Network Marketing industry.


Kayla Ybanez is a top industry business coach, international public speaker, and founder of The Modes Project and Ybanez Media. Kayla says goodbye to outdated strategies like icky “hey girl” cold messages and HELLO to changing societal norms about the Network Marketing industry.