Did you get ghosted?

podcast Oct 05, 2021

Today we are talking about a topic that I know we've talked about at some point over the course of the past two years. But it's important to bring it back because you told me it's still happening to you. And that topic is ghosting. The biggest thing and again I love helping people combat ghosting, but with that being said, just like you, I'm always a work in progress. And people are actually shocked to hear that I get ghosted, and that's because, yes, I make mistakes as well. I wish it was easy for me to say that I was perfect at sales and perfect that all this stuff, but it's just not true. I make mistakes. And today we're talking about the three main reasons you're getting ghosted, and I believe that knowledge is power. So I believe that once we know that this is happening, we can do what we need to do to fix the problem. 


Getting Ghosted for Lack of Trust 


One of these three things is happening, at least when you get ghosted, when you are inviting to work with you, in the DMS and number one is when you invite someone to work with you join your team, when you ask them if they want to hear more about what you do, and they ghost you. The first reason that that happens is that they lack trust or belief in you. So the biggest thing that you can do to help this is to make sure that your presence on social media is there to help give your audience the confidence that you actually know what you're talking about. And the best way that you can do this is to, as cliche as it is, show up authentically. I talk about things I enjoy and things that I love outside of business. I share quirky things. I share mistakes that I've made. I'm really raw and honest about things about this online business space, that are always good things. I'm upfront when I screw up. And I believe that that helps build trust. So if you catch yourself only showing your highlight reel that can be negatively impacting your audience's ability to trust you. And so I've asked you this before. And I'll ask you again, when's the last time that you talked about the hard things about building your business, the things that you're afraid to share because you think people will look at you in a negative light. Trust me, it builds trust. It builds trust, and it builds authority. Because when you try to pretend that everything's perfect, and you have everything figured out, people know that's not true. And they want to know what you're hiding, or what could be going on underneath that highlight reel. 


Getting Ghosted because they lack belief in your solution


The second reason why you are getting ghosted is that they lack belief in your solution or your offer. And this happens, because you're showing up on social media, only talking about the offer, you're talking about the things that come in the box, you're talking about the number of servings, but what you're not doing is talking about the transformation that you provide in which the products or services in your network marketing companies support that

if you are not focused on the outcome. That's the exact reason why people are not getting off the fence. People aren't buying something because you love it. They're buying something because they believe it's going to get them closer to getting what they want. So it's really important to give yourself a gut check here. 


Are you focused on the features and benefits of the products or are you actually focused on communicating how you change the lives of the specific person that you're helping?


And then to get even more specific here:


Are you actually specific about who you want to help? I'm not the mentor for everyone, and you are not the mentor for everyone. You are not the mentor for everyone. So it's really important to make sure that you are getting crystal clear about who you help, and who you don't help. So I challenge you this week, get stronger, communicating, who you don't help, who is not a good fit for your groups, who is not a good fit for your team. Because that shows that you are actually putting in the time the care and the effort to be specific about not just bringing anyone onto your team. Because when it looks like you sign anyone with a pulse, which I know isn't true, but sometimes it looks that way. There's also no urgency created to sign up with you because people are like, well, if someday when I feel like it, I know that this will still be available. It's a buyer psychology thing. 


The number one reason people ghost you. 


And then number three is honestly the most common one. And this is also the one that is addressed the least, and this one will probably shock you. The reason why people are ghosting you is that they lack belief in themselves. So I immediately think of my friends in the health and wellness space, right? People have tried how many solutions before you that haven't worked out for them? How many different things have they tried, and in their opinion, have failed that that's really difficult? And that's really challenging. They also have bought so many things that sit in their inbox, they've bought so many things that sit on their shelves not being used. And now you're asking them to purchase something, what evidence showcases that they

actually have a belief that this is going to work for them. Right? There's a lot on the line here for your prospects. 


So what can you do? Because when you've tried all the things, what makes your thing any different? And I want you to ask yourself that question, what makes my solution different from other things that people have tried? And if you can't answer that, you need to sit down and think long and hard about it. Before you go out inviting and selling. You have to think long and hard about that before you go out inviting and selling. Because you need to be able to address that fear and address this obstacle in your content before it becomes an objection. Because here's the thing, if you wait for it to become an objection, it'll be a lot harder to overcome in the sales process. So how can you show that you understand that this is a fear that's coming up for them, and you want to help them address it? because trust me, when you take care of that it's going to be an absolute Game Changer because you're able to coach them through the fear. Right? You can ask them this fear is this fear serving you or if this fear keeping you from getting to where you want to be. But if you don't address it, and you don't coach them through it, that fear can be the big, super obvious obstacle that's standing in the way of them getting what they want. And that obstacle will keep them from signing up with you. And honestly, because it's a lot easier to ghost you than it is to address that fear. They're very likely to just ghost you. 


Now again, if you're recognizing at least one of these things coming up for you sit down, and start addressing this because I promise when you do, you will see a lot less ghosting in your network marketing business and a lot more people opening the doors to open and honest communication during the sales process. And that is how you can do your job as a mentor to help people get what they want. And that's the most fulfilling part of the sales process. 


Now we're talking about sales all month long because I know you've got big goals for the holidays and you want to help as many people as possible in quarter four. So tune in to next week's episode of the Stop the Hey Girl Podcast for even more support in the sales and inviting process. And as always, take a screenshot of this episode to tag me on stories. Tell me your biggest takeaway so that I know what type of content I can continue to create for you to help you out this year.